Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Buy a Vending Machine Rack on a Budget

by Brian Phelps

Have you been interested in getting one of those vending machine racks that hold 9 or 10 machines, but don't have $800 to $1000 to spend on one? Well, I'm about to give you the easy way for the poor man to obtain a vending machine rack.

Most vending machine racks range from $500.00 to over $1000.00 each depending on how many machines it will hold.

If you don't have that kind of money, but you really want a vending machine rack then here's what you can do to get around the financial barrier. BUY IT IN PIECES.

In other words, start by buying a vending machine rack by itself. A 45" vending rack which holds 9 to 10 machines retails for as little as $90.00 + shipping at You can then attach any industry standard bulk candy machines to it.

This means that once you get the rack, then you can start buying single head candy machines or toy machines to go on it. The great part about doing it this way is that you can customize your rack how you want it. Also, you can get the candy machines even cheaper because you don't have to buy one with a stand since you have a rack. For instance, one LYPC Classic Gumball Machine without the stand retails at for $49.99 + shipping. If you had to buy it with the stand it would run you $79.99 + shipping (you'll also be paying more in shipping for the extra weight of the stand).

In buying the rack and machines separately, you are saving yourself a ton of money in the short term. You are also allowing yourself to customize the rack the way you want it instead of the retailer doing it for you and then ripping you off by putting the cheapest machines on it. This way even the poorest entrepreneur can afford a vending machine rack. This is a cheat code to help start a vending business. 

List of Social Media Sites (like facebook)

(Note: I highly recommend using Google Chrome to view some video sites as Google Chrome can translate languages automatically)

American Social Media Sites

African Social Media Sites

Canadian Social Media Sites

Chinese Social Media Sites - The largest Facebook clone in China, with a large college crowd - a classmates clone - Geared toward China and South Korea

Dutch Social Media Sites

Finnish Social Media Sites

French Social Media Sites

German Social Media Sites - A Facebook clone for the German market - Also for Turkey, Russia, and Great Britain - Geared toward older users

Ghana Social Media Sites

Indian Social Media Sites - An Indian Facebook clone

Japanese Social Media Sites

Latin Social Media Sites

Phillipines Social Media Sites

Polish Social Media Sites

Russian Social Media Sites - A Russian Facebook clone

Spanish Social Media Sites

United Kingdom Social Media Sites

Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Wide Video Sites (Like Youtube) to Submit to

(Note: I highly recommend using Google Chrome to view some video sites as Google Chrome can translate languages automatically)

American/English Video Sites

African Video Sites

Arabic Video Sites (in Arabic)

Armenian Video Sites

Asian Video Sites

Australian Video Sites

Cambodian Video Sites

Canadian Video Sites

Chinese Video Sites (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese) (in Chinese)

Ethiopian Video Sites

Filipino Video Sites

French Video Sites (in French)

German Video Sites (in German) (in German) (in German) (Germany/Croatian)

Indian Video Sites (in English) (in English)

Israeli (Armenian) Video Sites

Italian Video Sites

Japanese Video Sites (in Japanese)

Jewish Video Sites

Kurdish Video Sites

Pakistani Video Sites

Puerto Rican Video Sites

Russian Video Sites (in Russian) (in Russian)

Slov Video Sites

Spanish Video Sites (in Spanish)

Swedish Video Sites

Switzerland Video Sites

Turkish Video Sites

Vietnamese Video Sites (in Vietnamese)